Setting Up LWJGL with NetBeans

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This tutorial will show you how to setup LWJGL with the NetBeans IDE.
You should already be familiar with Java, NetBeans, and extracting Zip files.

Downloading and Setting Up LWJGL

Here are the first steps that are required for any IDE.
Note: X.X denotes the version number of LWJGL that you are downloading.

  1. Create a dedicated folder for LWJGL and remember its location. This folder will be the permanent residence of LWJGL on your system. Optionally, name it "lwjgl-X.X" to denote it from earlier/later versions.
  2. Download LWJGL from here.
    • is the only one required.
    • (Recommended.) Download if you want to be able to see LWJGL's Javadoc within NetBeans.
    • (Recommended.) Download if you want to be able to navigate to LWJGL's source code within NetBeans.
    • (Optional.) Download if you want to be able to create Java Applets with LWJGL. This exceeds the scope of this tutorial; for more information, please go to the LWJGL Applet tutorials.
  3. Extract and does not need to be extracted.

Setting Up LWJGL in NetBeans

  1. Open up NetBeans.
  2. Go to "Tools|Libraries" in the main menu.
    • NetBeans1.png