Space Invaders Example Game

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Start screen

This is a simple example game that recreates the classic game Space Invaders.

You can play a java web start version of the game here.

You will need to implement all the classes below to run the game:

The Game class is the main class for this game.

The TextureLoader class will load an image file into a Texture class.

The Texture class will hold your OpenGL texture information.

The Sprite class will draw an OpenGL quad and bind the Texture onto it.

The Entity class is a basic container to holder the Sprite position, collision detection, etc.

The ShipEntity, AlienEntity, ShotEntity classes all extend the Entity class and represent the type of game entity.

The SoundManager class will load a wav sound file into Java.

You will need to have lwjgl.jar and lwjgl_util.jar on the classpath to satisfy all the imports needed for this game.

You will also need the image (*.gif) and sound files (*.wav) used by this game. These can be found in the 'res' folder when you download LWJGL.

Credit - Kevin Glass for creating the original tutorial. Brian Matzon for the LWJGL port.