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Links and resources related to LWJGL found outside of the LWJGL website.

Java Gaming Communities

Java Game Portals

  • GameJolt - Games Portal, supports Java & LWJGL Games.
  • Static Void Games - Games Portal, supports Java & LWJGL Games.
  • Games4J - Games Portal, supports Java & LWJGL Games.
  • FunOrb - Java Games Portal
  • Java4K - The site for the annual Java4k contest, upload & play Java4K games
  • Java Game Tome - Showcase your java games online
  • Pogo - Online Games Portal
  • BigPoint - Online Games Portal which allows java games, they shares 70% of the revenue a game makes with the developer.
  • U Got Games - Web Games.
  • Jay Is Games - Casual Games Site which reviews and hosts games, its possible to get on there with a Java Game but it must be pretty polished and aimed at the casual market.
  • FaceBook - Although not a gaming site, you can host Java games here making it available to a wide audience.

Portals for Selling LWJGL Games

  • Chrome Web Store - Google's App Store allows Java Games and optionally if you like you can charge for them.
  • Steam - There are already a number of LWJGL games on Steam, however they have a pretty strict review process. You should ensure that your game is very polished. It usually helps if you can get some recommendations from people well connected in the game scene or from those that already have games on Steam.
  • Mac App Store - Quickly becoming the standard place to buy applications on the mac. You must pass Apples review process and in addition to that Java Applications must not rely on any external or system installs of java, so you must either bundle a JRE with your application or natively compile it.
  • Direct2Drive - A big portal much like Steam for selling games.
  • Desura - A Steam like portal which is also available on multiple platforms (not only windows), so makes it ideal for LWJGL games.
  • Indievania - A portal for indie developers where you can get a 100% of the profits. It already has a few LWJGL games on it.
  • Gameolith - The Linux Download Store.
  • GamersGate - A digital distribution platform for PC and Mac games.
  • Impulse - A digital distribution platform for Windows.
  • Show Me The Games - Buy Indie Games direct from the developers.
  • Game Tree Mac - Digital Distribution Services for Mac Games.
  • GameStreamer - Game service with downloadable and streaming games.
  • BeamDog - Digital Distribution Service for Windows games.
  • IndieCity - Online Marketplace for Indie Games.
  • Kawa Games - Another digital distribution service for indie games.

Networking Libraries

KryoNet is a Java library that provides a clean and simple API for efficient TCP and UDP client/server network communication using NIO. KryoNet uses the Kryo serialization library to automatically and efficiently transfer object graphs across the network. The KryoNet Forum can be found here.

An extremely light-weight framework for game networking in Java.

The Narya library provides various facilities for making networked multiplayer games.

Useful Tools and Software

Image Editing Software

3D Modelling Software

Audio Editing Software